From Brown Envelopes to Kickbacks Cloughie Came From The Era Before Legalised Bungs

by Rob Shepherd. I was stunned to see a an article last week which on the 10th anniversary of Brian Cough’s death chose not to praise the great man but rake over dirt with regards to allegations of bungs. Now […]


Peter Thomas Taylor; Probably the Best Number Two in the Business

by Richard DJJ Bowdery. “I’m not equipped to manage successfully without Peter Taylor. I am the shop window and he is the goods.” So said Brian Clough about his right-hand man who died on 4 October 1990, while on holiday […]


The Lion Who Saved The Ryder Cup How Former Millwall Man Kept Fledgling Competition Alive

by Neil Fissler. IF it wasn’t for the efforts of a former Millwall footballer, this week’s Ryder Cup probably wouldn’t be taking place. Charles Burgess – known as “Chay” – has been largely forgotten in the history of golf’s most […]


Sven’s Obsession With Beckham Was The Reason Why The Golden Generation Failed

by Rob Shepherd. Rio Ferdinand is the first player of England’s golden generation to hint at the real reason why it became the wooden spoon generation. It remains heresy to say it but read between the lines of Ferdinand’s new […]


Brian Clough: Through The Eyes of Former Forest Forward Nigel Jemson

As a highly sought-after teenager Nigel Jemson had the option of joining either Manchester United or Nottingham Forest, both came with the opportunity to play under a legend of the managerial game. Looking back he says he has no regrets […]


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