Terry Venables
“The Making of the Team: Venables’ England”

VenablesTMOTTTerry Venables has had many books written by him and about him. Some are very good and others are bad and some are plain ugly. Venners even co-wrote a cult TV series in the 70’s called ‘Hazel’ which was a cross between Minder and Lovejoy.

In terms of literary merit, this one (which was written in collaboration with Jane Nottage, who was briefly Paul Gascoigne’s Girl Friday in Rome) is, well, pretty bland.

But given that it plots how Venables took over from Graham Taylor and shaped the Euro ’96 campaign, which for a while raised the status of the England team to near respectability, there are some fascinating insights into El Tel’s team building philosophy.

In that sense it explains why so many England players of a certain era swear that Venables was the best England coach they ever worked with.

Which is why Gary Neville, a Venables disciple, should suggest to current boss Roy Hodgson that he ought to go out and buy it now and learn a few things ……and quickly!

BB rating: 7/10

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