Why FIFA Should Turn to Romario
The Brazil legend is now a respected politician who fights corruption

by Rob Shepherd.

Brazil legend Romario is the man to become the new FIFA president and force real root and branch reform of football’s shamed world governing body.

Deluded Sepp Blatter, who announced he would stand down after serious allegations of corruption, racketeering and bribery emerged just days after he was ridiculously re-elected, somehow thinks he can start the process of reform himself.

Really..? Or has he just been clinging to power in his office these last few days to operate the paper shredder and bury the bodies..?

That so many officials and delegates stayed loyal to Blatter indicates that the corruption is a cancer that has spread across much of FIFA’s body.

Romario is respected for his anti-corruption stance
Romario is respected for his anti-corruption stance

Only a completely new man can come in and revolutionize the regime.

Why Romario..?

Well he knows the game as one of the all time great players. And since retiring he has become a power figure in Brazilian politics, constantly battling against corruption.

Indeed he is part of a congressional probe into whether Nike and other sponsors influenced the selection of Brazil players since 1998.

A World Cup winner in 1994 and Brazil’s third highest all time scorer behind Ronaldo and Pele, Romario would command instant respect of the decent football community around the world and he can handle the politics too.

In Brazil he is known as a man of the people even after moving into politics.

And if he wanted a solid citizen experienced football administrator alongside him then there would be no one better than former Manchester United chief executive David Gill, who demonstrated his principles by resigning from his role at FIFA’s top table as soon as Blatter was re-elected.

Gill is undoubtedly untarnished by the allegations so many FIFA officials face and would help guide Romario through the tangled web of FIFA’s structure and also be a conduit with the powerful brokers in European club football and UEFA.

Interestingly Romario was strong enough to say exactly what he thought about FIFA under Blatter when he wrote the forward to a book called “Omerta:Sepp Blatter’s FIFA Organized Crime Family” written by the journalist Andrew Jennings who helped the FBI and the Swiss Authorities make the moves which have exposed FIFA and brought Blatter down.

It’s time football was run by a real football man interested in the good of the game and its fans not the greed of beaurocrats. Indeed, it would be apt if it was a Brazilian who restored faith in the “beautiful game” rather than the bribery game it became under the Blatter regime.


Odds For The FIFA Presidency

Prince Ali Al-Hussein       5/4

Michel Platini                     5/4

Sheik Ahmad Al-Sabah    9/2

David Gill                           10/1

Michael van Praag            10/1

Chung Mong Joon            12/1

Luis Figo                             14/1

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