How ‘The Old Lady’ Got Their Black & White Stripes



Team: Juventus

Home or Away: Home

Years Active: 1984-1987

As Worn By: Michel Platini, Aldo Serena, Antonio Cabrini, Michael Laudrop, Zbigniew Boniek, Marco Tardelli, Paulo Rossi & Liam Brady


In Italy there’s a certain style and history to the vertical black stripes used by the big European powerhouses of Inter, AC Milan and Juventus.

English influence in the early years of Italian football is widely evident, perhaps most notably with the cross of St George on the club crest of AC Milan and the use of the English ‘Milan’ rather than Milano.

Platini. Back when we all liked him…

But elsewhere in North Italy the giants of Turin also bear evidence of English influence. When you think of Juventus you instantly think of the famous black and white stripes of their shirts, but the original colours of the club were in fact pink and black.

So where did the black and white stripes come from? Well, fed up with how the pink shirts would quickly fade after a couple of washes, Juventus asked one of their members, Englishman John Savage, if he had any contacts in England who could supply new shirts in a colour that would better withstand the elements. John had a friend who lived in Nottingham who duly shipped out black and white striped shirts to Turin as he was a Notts County supporter!

A good thing too – it’s hard to imagine those magnificent players from the mid-eighties holding aloft all those trophies wearing pink!


Brady seems delighted to have avoided the pink shirt option…

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