Footballers Injured in Storm
PLUS: Spurs Double-Winning Star John White Tragically Killed by Lightning

JohnWhiteby Rob Shepherd.

There were some who wondered last June why the kick-off of England’s friendly against Honduras in Florida last June was delayed ‘just because of a thunderstorm’.

But it is too easy to neglect the dangers of electric storms in open spaces.

Last week Peruvian player Joao Contreras and a linesman were both struck by lightning during a cup semi-final. Both were rushed to hospital suffered nasty burns, but thankfully have recovered.

For those who know their football history it was a reminder of the terrible fate one of the star players of Tottenham’s fabled 1961 Double side, John White, suffered.

Three years after that famous success at the age of 27 and while still a Spurs player, White was killed when struck by lightning as he took cover under a tree during a thunderstorm while playing golf in Enfield.

He is pictured below in the front row of this Ty-Phoo Tea card of the Spurs team from the 1963/64 season;

Tottenham Hotspur


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