Jamie Carragher
Carra: My Autobiography

Publisher: Corgi

ISBN-13: 978-0552157421

The final chapter of Jamie Carragher’s Autobiography begins:

“I stare at my medal collection and there is a gaping lingering hole. It’s a void I fear will never be filled before that dreaded moment when I wear the red shirt for the last time…”

Carra was published in 2008. The opening lines of that the Walk On chapter have proved profound and prophetic.

A year on from Carragher’s decision to hang up his boots Liverpool are on the brink of winning that elusive title for the first time in almost two generations.

carra_bookAs a pundit Carragher has no doubt been kicking every ball when he’s not on camera.

Liverpool’s exciting assault on the title, led by his bosom buddy Steven Gerrard, must make part of Carragher gleam with pride and another part secretly hurt – endure bitter regret even – that he didn’t battle on for just one more season and be part of this team that is now on the brink of ending 24 years of hurt… even a bit part.

After all Carragher continues: “I’m fixated by this goal, consumed by the determination to bring the title back to Anfield… Winning the title has become Liverpool’s obsession… it will sicken me not to achieve it.”

The honesty and colour of the language sums up the book which, ghosted by journalists Henry Winter and Chris Bascombe, is one of the best player/football books to come out in recent years.

Carragher’s raw honesty comes to the fore as he confronts so many issues about his club career; his thoughts on England, Hillsborough, the wider issues of how the game has evolved since the Nineties and one spine-tingling chapter about the miracle of Istanbul.

This is not just a compelling read for Liverpool fans but football fans in general.

BB Rating: 9/10

by Rob Shepherd.


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