FC Kaiserslautern 91-92
Designed by Uhlsport, Worn by Kuntz

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Team:  FC Kaiserslautern

Home or Away:  Home

Years Active: 1991-92

As Worn By: Markus Kranz, Wolfgang Funkel, Reinhard Stumpf, Miroslav Kadlek, Bjarne Goldbaek and Stefan Kuntz.



Can success go to your head…? Clearly it can in South West Germany as the defending Bundesliga champions Kasierslautern took to the fields of Deutschland in this Euro-Techno number back in 1991.

Uhlsport created this torn-strips inspired effort for Die roten Teufel (The Red Devils) in celebration of the club’s first ever German title.

Like a lot of modern art, just when you think you’ve taken in each detail something new will jump out and catch your eye.

To be fair this was just one in a series of outlandish garb donned by Kaiserslautern in the early 90’s, but this is the one that takes the keks (biscuit).

An altogether distracting affair, the club sank to fifth in the league in defence of their title and this jersey was arguably the biggest culprit.



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