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Drummer Chad Smith receives death threats after Flamengo shirt defilement

While starring in a drum clinic at the Hard Rock Cafe in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith messed around with local Atletico Mineiro fans by shoving a Flamengo shirt down the back of his pants, apparently wiping his arse with it.

Smith was given the Flamengo top from one of the fans in the crowd. After the jersey was held aloft to a lukewarm response from the audience, Smith, who Can’t Stop himself playing up to the local crowd, then stuffed the shirt down the back of his jeans before removing it and casually tossing it to the Otherside of the drum kit (you can see it all in the link below).

What Smith clearly didn’t do is take into account the fact that he might upset Flamengo’s millions of fans Around the World with his gesture.

Universally Speaking it was nothing more than a little light-hearted ribbing, but it sadly turned quite ugly. Smith received threats of violence and even death when footage of the incident emerged online, and he was soon taking to Twitter to apologise unreservedly for any offence his actions may have caused!


The timing was also a little unfortunate, as the Chili Peppers headed to Rio de Janeiro — home of the arse-wiped club — to play a gig on Saturday evening.

To show it was all water Under the Bridge Smith also wore the Flamengo shirt whilst signing autographs in Rio on Friday By the Way.

Presumably it had been given a wash since the last time he used it or he wouldn’t be able to Give it Away


by Karl Hofer

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