Glenn Hoddle
“My 1998 World Cup Story”

Publisher: Andre Deutsch

ISBN-13: 978-0233994239

Glenn Hoddle has hit back at claims made by David Beckham in his autobiography.

Beckham, whose book is featherweight in content compared to Sir Alex Ferguson’s heavyweight block buster, says that Hoddle added to the “feeding frenzy” that the player suffered after getting a red car against Argentina at France 98.

Hoddle’s post match comment that “If he [Beckham] had stayed on the pitch and we had 11 against 11, I believe we would have won” was taken as a pointed remark by Beckham and contributed to the vitriolic response.

Beckham said; “He showed his anger and irritation with me. It definitely fed the frenzy.

“He didn’t blame me, exactly, but he made it clear that he thought that my mistake cost England the game”, the 38-year-old Beckham says in his book. “I found his interview difficult to take. He showed his anger and irritation with me. It definitely fed the frenzy.”

HoddleMyWorldCupStoryBut Hoddle said “I am really sorry to hear that David Beckham thinks I fed the frenzy of criticism against him after his sending-off in the World Cup tie with Argentina. Nothing could have been further from my mind at the time, and certainly not since.

“Any manager would say, as I did immediately after the game, that their team would have stood a better chance with 11 men than with 10.”

And Reading through Hoddle’s book, ‘My 1998 World Cup Story’, the former England manager does not really savage Beckham in the chapter about the 3-2 quarter final defeat to Argentina. Indeed he points out that he thought it was no more than a yellow and added: “How ever made I was with David I was furious with the referee.”

At the time Hoddle though displayed a general coldness and aloofness towards Beckham before and after that incident. That comes across in Hoddle’s book.
But on the whole, going through Hoddle’s diary of the whole 1998 campaign again, much of it seems a fairly tame if decent review of the road that ended in St Etienne rather than Paris.

But at the time there was a lot of unrest among the squad when the book was released just a few months after the tournament, especially Hoddle lifting the lid on how badly Paul Gascoigne took the news that he was the be axed from the squad.

Hoddle lost the trust of several senior players who believe he broke the taboo of opening the dressing room door whilst he was still in charge.

Indeed the publication loosened his grip on the job which he lost when expanded on his religious beliefs and made a bizarre comment about the handicapped and the afterlife.

BB Rating: 7/10

by Rob Shepherd


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