One 2 Eleven with Dr Robert: The 80’s legend on Chelsea, Charlie Cooke and how Stoke broke his heart

The good Doctor


Blow Monkeys lead singer Dr Robert was born in Haddington, Scotland, in 1961. The group formed in 1981 and had their first big hit in 1986 with ‘Digging Your Scene’ which was followed a year later with ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way’ which reached number 5 in the UK charts.

He has been recording great music, with the Blow Monkeys and as a solo artist, ever since. A comprehensive three disc box set, Halfway to Heaven: The Best of The Blow Monkeys & Dr Robert, covering the best of The Blow Monkeys plus Dr Robert’s solo work has recently been released on Sony Music.

Dr Robert supports Chelsea.


Tell us about the first time you went to see Chelsea play…

It was 1971 FA Cup 3rd round against Man City. 55,000 saw Colin Bell run rings around my heroes  – who had won the cup against Leeds gloriously the previous year…

Cooke – The cut-price George Best!

What players were your childhood heroes and why…?

Charlie Cooke and Peter Osgood. Cooke was a Scottish wizard with quick feet and mind. A sort of cut-price George Best. Osgood was Kings Road cool with added sideburns. Big, brave and beautiful.

What’s your fondest memory as a fan..?

Chelsea beating the other-worldly Real Madrid in the Cup Winners Cup Final in 1971 – A hazey, distant black and white picture broadcasting my wildest dreams…

Looking back, the one player I really wished we’d signed was…

George Best. He looked great in the kit when he played testimonials there – and he suited the whole vibe of the place.

What’s your greatest “I was there when” moment..?

Well until I moved to London in the early 80’s I hardly went. I used to go and watch my local team Kings Lynn. I was there the day the great Frank Wignall came to be our new messiah player-manager. We lost, possibly to Wisbech!

George Best in blue – with Peter Osgood and Alan Hudson at Osgood’s testimonial

 Zola or Drogba…?

Drogba. For the way it ended so perfectly.

What is your favourite kit the team ever wore…?

The classic cup winning kit of 1970. White socks. White stripe down the side of the shorts. Beautiful Royal Blue shirt. Peterborough United sometimes have a similar look but it’s not quite the same…

Which team do you despise the most and why…?

Well I don’t really despise any team…but traditionally we were against Leeds United. Never really warmed to Bury Town. Don’t know why…

What was your most crushing blow as a fan..?

Losing the 1972 League Cup Final to Stoke City. George Eastham scored the winner I think. It meant more than it should have to my 11 year old self.

Stoke stun Chelsea to win the League Cup in ’72 – And break a wee Dr Robert’s heart

Have you met any players, past or present..?

Met Bobby Tambling once. Gentleman.

Do you have a favourite away ground…?

White Hart Lane. A happy hunting ground.

What’s more important to you; club or country..?

Country. Scotland. My wife supports Papua New Guinea.

What player would you most like the club to sign now…?

Andreas Iniesta.

After he retires, how do you think John Terry will be remembered…?

With a shudder, a nod and a salutation.

Do you think bringing Jose back was the right thing to do…?

Oh my God yes. He’s priceless. He somehow manages to make people think that football is important.

imageHow will the Blues do this season…?

They will prosper and fly.  I fully expect them to win the fair play award.


The Blow Monkeys latest album, Feels Like A New Morning, is out now on Cherry Red Records, accompanied by a second CD containing 10 Blow Monkeys songs performed by Dr. Robert.


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