Sansom Back on Track with Glenn
Rob Shepherd

By Rob Shepherd.

Kenny Sansom came out of rehab yesterday and hit a bar – but was sober as a judge as he accepted a role to become a judge at Glenn Hoddle’s new Zapstarz soccer school.

Glenn and Kenny were in great form at Planet Hollywood

Ex-Arsenal star Sansom entered rehab last month after admitting drink and gambling addictions which had sent his life into such decline that he was homeless and left sleeping rough on a park bench in South East London.

But with the help of his family and the PFA Sansom, 55, faced up to his demons and embarked on a rehabilitation course at private clinic.

Sansom, who won 86 England caps, was “released” yesterday and then met up with former team mate Hoddle at Planet Hollywood in London’s Haymarket where the ex-England boss was launching a new project to develop and coach young players between the age of 8 and 16.

And Hoddle wants to aid Sansom’s recovery by offering him a role in the coaching scheme where he can help judge the best kids and even unearth a young England star for the future with an interactive coaching course via the web on

Glenn and Kenny enjoy some tennis on tour with England in 1985

Sansom looked in good health and said: “It is great to be here where the real people are…in the bar! Only joking. I am feeling great and I’m perfectly comfortable in an environment like this. It’s great to be among old friends. And I am looking forward to helping Glenn.

“But as they say I am taking each day as it comes.”

Hoddle added: “This project is about developing young players with basis skills but also we hope to find some starts for the future who might have slipped through the system. It is great to have Kenny on board. He’s looking good. He’s had some problems but it’s a pleasure to be of help.”

Coming soon: How Hoddle and Sansom almost brought down the Argentineans – but were stopped by one of their own! Find out who at


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