One 2 Eleven with Tony Mortimer: Arsenal

Tony Mortimer

Tony Mortimer was born in Stepney in October 1970. He dominated the charts in the 90’s as part of the boy band East 17, selling over 20 million records.

With smash hits like “House of Love”, “Let it Rain” and the classic “Stay” they blended R&B and rap with pop – they also had shaven heads and tattoos, making them way cooler than those nancy boys Take That.

Tony is now a successful record producer and he recently released his debut solo album.

He supports the Arsenal.

“…and always wear unfathomably tight clothing.”


Who was your childhood hero and why…?

Random, but my childhood hero player was Kevin Keegan. He was a great footballer and the Green Cross Code man! Haha, legend…

Looking back, the one player I really wished we’d signed was…

We had a period of having the best players in the world so I’m satisfied, but I always wanted to see Shearer at Highbury.

Bergkamp or Wright…?

Bergkamp all day long!

Which team do you despise the most (apart from Spurs!)…?

I disliked Man United under Fergie because they were unstoppable due to two reasons: Alex himself and a huge cashflow that until recently had made English football very one sided. But that’s not their fault, just good branding.

UEFA Champions League Final: Arsenal v Barcelona
Two goals in the final 14 minutes from Samuel Eto’o and Juliano Belletti broke Arsenal hearts in 2006

What was your most crushing blow as a fan..?

Probably the Champions League final loss to Barcelona.

Have you met any players, past or present..?

I have met David Seaman quite a few times and he once invited me to an auction he was having and I to met the whole team. A really lovely man and an Arsenal legend.

Do you have a favourite away ground…?

White Hart Lane. It’s the first place I went to see a football match in the 70’s when they played Liverpool and my friend was a Liverpool fan. I do like going there and the banter is always good.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Arsenal v Manchester United - Emirates Stadium
Tony would love to see Rooney in an Arsenal shirt

What player would you most like the club to sign now…?

I gave up wanting players because Arsene always signs unknowns who turn out to be great – but just to answer the question I would say Rooney because he plays with heart like he’s from a bygone era.

Will Wilshere still be playing for Arsenal is 5 years time…?

Yes, I think Wilshire will stay at Arsenal for most of his career – and he seems loyal which is rare these days.

Do you think Wenger is still the right man for the job…?

Wenger has always been the right man for the job. He has always done what he has wanted and signed who he wants and we respect that. We will always be above Spurs and therefore happy.

How will the Gooners do this season…?

I think this season we will possibly go third. The team is very strong and I’m more than happy with the squad. As with every season I look forward to the signings of a few randoms who turn out to be great. Man United and Spurs however will be less successful than last year.


Tony Mortimer and Julian Lennon release their single ‘Rain in England’ on FOD Records on September 23rd. Tony’s debut solo album entitled “Songs From The Suitcase” is out now.


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