Trautmann the Wunderbar!

Manchester City paid tribute to Bert Trautmann ahead of their opening match against Newcastle on Monday night.

Trautmann died at the age of 89 last month in Valencia, Spain, where he had settled after a globetrotting and colourful career in football to say the least.

The goalkeeping legend was a former German prisoner of war. At the end of WWII he opted to stay in England, married a local girl and became a pro with City.

Famously in the 1956 FA Cup final, Trautmann bravely played on after suffering an injury when diving at an attacker’s feet but played on as City beat Birmingham City 3-1.

Our photo shows Trautmann being helped by team-mates at the final whistle. An X-ray the next day revealed he had suffered a broken bone his neck. Trautmann would play over 500 games for City before retiring in 1964, he then managed various clubs and nations until the early 1980’s.

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